Monday, November 2, 2009

We are home and all is well!!

Just a quick update. Sierra is home and all went well. She was a real trooper right up to the point where she held the mask on her own face to fall asleep. I was in the OR with her until she did that!! Was not a happy camper when she woke up. Screamed and only wanted Daddy. Boy was she ever mad at me!!! Some how I am sure she thinks this was all my fault. She wouldn't stop screaming until we got her dressed to come home. Now she is her sunshiney self!!! Will post some pictures later!!!


  1. Poor munchkin. That had to be rough. Glad she is happy now and it's in the past! Hugs. Stephe

  2. Glad that her surgery is all over! Now the quick recovery!!! Feel better Sierra. Hugs from Julia and all of us :0)