Friday, November 20, 2009

Very Difficult Day!

This has been one of the most difficult days I have ever faced. Our friends lost their dear little girl Grace due to bacterial menengitis. She was 5. She was sick for only 3 days. Grace was adopted from China and was the main reason we made the final decision to start our adoption journey.. I had kept a photo of Grace on our refrigerator during the entire process. She was our inspiration. After January the photo was replaced with one of Sierra and Grace. Just a few weeks ago we attended a Harvest Moon Celebration Dinner with Grace and her family. They are devastated!!Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers. They are a family of great faith and I know they will somehow get through this if only for the sake of their other 2 children. Our hearts are broken into tiny little pieces and are struggling with how to best help our friends. I know I can count on you all to pray for them. Thank you!


  1. I cannot image the pain they are feeling right now. I will be lifting Grace's family up in my prayers. Heaven has a new angel, who left this world way too soon.


  2. Oh just the thought is suffocating. It makes my heart ache. Such sadness.

  3. Oh Kathie,

    I am so sorry... I can't imagine what that's like for them or for your family... This will be hard for sweet Sierra...


  4. Our thoughts and prayers are with Grace's family and yours.
    Blessings, Sandy (The other Sierra's Mom)

  5. i headed over to your blog as soon as I saw the FB note ... our prayers for your friends, and you guys too. just can't imagine the pain kathie - too much to even consider.

  6. Oh Kathie,
    What a tragic loss!! I can not imagine what Grace's family is going through. This really leaves me with a very heavy heart! Prayers are with Grace's family and yours!

  7. Oh I am so sorry about the loss of Grace. It's unimaginable. Our thoughts and prayers are with her, her family and your too! Hugs. Stephe