Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Happy Retirement!!!

As many of you know, before I took my leave of absence, I worked at an Elementary School. I was a Teaching Assistant and got to work with many wonderful people. But there is one person who holds a special place in my heart. I first met Lisa when she became my sister's softball coach way back in the late 70s ( sorry Lisa). The girls loved her and she did what she did very well as was shown by the championships they won. Fast forward a few years and Lisa and I were both pregnant with boys. Our sons are only a month apart and we got to know each other again. When my children started going to Elementary School Lisa was teaching Phys. Ed.( You like that Lisa, I didn't say "GYM") in the Middle School. We were excited to find out that the then current Elementary School Phys.Ed, teacher was retiring and Lisa would be taking his spot. Now she and I were working in the same building. It soon came clear that the children loved her!!! I can't describe the impact she had on these kids lives. She cared about all of them, their physical well being as well as any emotional stuff they were carrying around. She made class fun!!! Even the adults couldn't wait to participate. She started an after school circus arts program that taught kids to juggle, pogo stick, stilt walk,double dutch, baton twirl, Hip hop dance and ride a unicycle. You have not seen anything until you see over 50 kids riding unicycles in an obstacle course around the gym!! She taught kids how to cup stack and participated each year in the Guiness Book of World Records cup stacking Day. On Halloween she set up an amazing obstacle course that the kids couldn't wait to do! Every school year end she would have a field day full of exciting events!!!

She started a before and after school program to help kids start the day with physical activity knowing that getting the brain "running" is a necessity for learning. I had the pleasure of starting my day at 7:15 every school day morning with my friend Lisa and 35 raring to go kids!!!! I could go on and on and I am leaving much out.

And then there is the friend Lisa. The person that would do anything for anyone in need. A few years back she had a friend who was literally dying of liver disease. So Lisa did the unimaginable. She told her friend that she would give her part of her liver so that she could live. And that is exactly what she did. What an example she set for us all. And what an example for the kids who love her so much!!

And the mother Lisa. Words can not explain how important her 2 children are to her. She has supported them in what ever they do. And she is soo proud of them!!
This past summer Lisa had to have a knee replacement. Unfortunately there have been many complications. She returned to school in September in much pain. It didn't take long to realize that she couldn't teach the way she wants to teach. To do any less is simply not OK. So Lisa is retiring....... and Marbletown Elementrary School is a VERY sad place!!
Thank you my friend for the years that you gave so much of yourself to these kids!! Thank you for caring about them so deeply. Thank you for teaching me more about how important it is to have fun and how much the kids need it in their day. Thank you for showing me the true meaning of friendship and setting an example I can only hope to follow. I am looking forward to spending time with you now that we are both home and I dread going back to work now that you are not there!! I wish you a busy well deserved retirement with many trips to the lake house.Thank you for the impact that you have had on my own children! I am sad that Sierra won't be able to experience you as her Phys. Ed teacher but she knows you and will continue to. I know already how much the kids are missing you. And I know you will find a way to touch their lives again. And they will be the better because of it!!
Oh and Lisa, I have over 4000 pictures on my computer. Do you know how hard it was to find one of you?!!! And I laughed because I made you sit down for this picture and you NEVER sit down!!!

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