Thursday, November 12, 2009

10 months and National Adoption Month

10 months ago today in the arms of her big brother!
Today, happy, well fed and sporting her cast for surgery that would not have happened in China !

I have been thinking for awhile as to when I should do my Adoption Month post. Since today is the 10 month Anniversary of meeting Sierra I knew it was the perfect time.

The past 10 months have been an amazing journey!! We have witnessed the blossoming of a scared, solemn little girl into a happy, confident, smiling daughter!! And as much as her life has changed, my life has undergone a metamorphosis as well. I am not the same person I was before this adoption. For us the adoption journey started as a way to add a child to our family. I desperately wanted to share parenthood with Scott but was frankly, too old to get pregnant ( I did try, but my heart wasn't in it.) I had always thought about adopting and when I brought the idea up to Scott he was open to it too. So we did some research and felt that China was the best place to start. Not being educated enough we started in the non- special needs line but soon realized that God did not intend for us to be there. Every time I looked at a waiting child list their stories pulled at my heart. I approached Scott about making the switch and again he was on board. Six weeks later we got the phone call I will never forget. "We have a daughter for you" The next 8 months were spent in eager if not sometimes frustrating, anticipation. On January 8th we boarded a plane and on January 12th Sierra Christine Weixi joined our family forever!!!

Now those of you who know us know that I am speaking the truth... we were not wealthy or even upper middle class, we were not world travelers, and we certainly didn't have a lot of knowledge about orphans in the world.

And on this day, we are still not wealthy ( terms of money), we are still not world travelers ( although we made it to China and back!!) but oh we are so much more knowledgeable about the amount of children that need homes. Not just in China but around the world. Children who do not know the meaning of love. Children who do not have a Mommy or Daddy to tuck them in. Children , like Sierra, who have no idea about the world outside of the one room that they spend their days in. Children that are not getting enough food to eat. Children who are dying because they do not have access to the medical care that can save their lives!! With that knowledge comes a burden. Once you know, you have to act. One can not see what we've seen, and learned what we have learned and ever be the same again. So I ask of you my friends..what can you do? If you have ever considered adoption think about it some more!!! Ask questions, go online, look at their faces!!! And if adoption isn't the answer, there are many ways to help!! Just ask!!!

When you get a chance click on my followers, the people who follow my blog. They have stories too. And their blogs will hook you up to other blogs and so on and so forth. And believe me, the time will pass quickly as you engross yourselves in these amazing stories. And you too, will change and you too, will never be the same again.


  1. Love this post, Kathie! You are so right, adoption changes you forever. We started our journey with the hopes of adding to our family and in turn God has changed our hearts into hearts that want to do whatever God would have us do to help the orphan.


  2. What a beautiful post Kathie! So beautiful! And Sierra has changed so much!!! She has lost the look of sadness and just looks filled with joy!

    Love your heart!!! Have I mentioned before she is just beautiful!!!

  3. Kathie,
    It has been an amazing 10 months hasn't it! Glad your sweet girl's thumb in on the mend:) It was fun to catch up this morning on your blog!

  4. You said it right when you said she "blossomed"... what a beautiful example of what love can do!