Monday, November 16, 2009

Surgery a sussess!!!

Thumbs up and her thumb is perfectly straight!!!

Thursday we went to the Dr's. to have Sierra's cast off. It wasn't a hard cast so no sawing had to be done. Sierra was still a little nervous and hid her arm and would not let the Dr. look at it. So he sat down in a chair and waited until she was ready. He really was amazing with her and this procedure has been such a positive experience. He cut it with scissors and let her peel away all the gauze. Scott and I were both a little shocked when we saw the incision. It went almost all the way around the base of the thumb. Sierra tells everyone she got a new thumb and that IS what it looks like! Any way as you can see she can do thumbs up now and its nice and straight!! So she is done, no therapy needed. He said kids just automatically start using it again and she has!!


  1. Yea, for successful surgeries! That deserves a big thumbs up!! Great job, Sierra, you are a very brave girl!


  2. Wayyyy to Go Sierra!! Nice thumb....glad to see the cast is off! You are a very very brave girl! Julia sends her kisses and hugs to make it all better!