Friday, April 16, 2010

Tying shoes!

Boy was I ever shocked the other day when I told Sierra to go put on her sneakers.  She said "OK and I will tie them".  She has been trying forever to tie.  So a few minutes later she came in and said "I am ready Mom.  My shoes are tied!"  I looked down and sure enough they were tied.  I had no idea how she had done it.  I always show her when I tie hers but I didn't expect her to do it as she as just turned 4!!  Later on I asked her to do it again so I could video tape it!

So at the end you hear her say that Paul taught her.  I asked Paul and he said he showed her once about 2 months ago the double bow method.  She has been practicing ever since. Big brothers are great teachers!!!  And I laugh too that she is talking to John ( the little boy that I watch ) while she is tying!!


  1. Go Sierra! That's wonderful:)

  2. Way to go, Sierra! That is a big accomplishment!


  3. Wow, I can't believe she is tying her shoes! What a surprise for you to find them tied when you asked her to put them on.

    By the way, love your new header picture!

  4. That is awesome! She is definitely tying early. I better get on teaching my 4.5 year old to tie his shoes. :) The one thing that has been hindering that a bit, is the "slip on" shoes and sandals he usually wears here in Florida!