Friday, April 9, 2010

Baseball is under way!!

So its season is under way and we are off to a great beginning.  Two games this week and two wins!!  And the second win wasn't "supposed to happen".  Way to go boys!!!

                     David playing second

Paul ( his brother who is the Asst. Coach )
Paul watching David up at bat
Yeah!!! David is on base!
Future player
Cheering because we won!!!


  1. We can relate!! Baseball and soccer at the same time at our house. But it's all fun. Love the cheerleader!!

  2. Gooooo David! Sierra makes an awesome cheerleader. Evan started baseball practice but no games as of yet!

  3. Your future player is too cute!!! It's amazing how she's blossomed in the past year as I look at your pics from the last post. So beautiful to see what love can do.

    God Bless,