Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Morning Walk

I try ususlly, every morning to go for a walK while David and Sierra are still sleeping.  Sometimes I walk on the road so I can walk very fast ( better for my body ), sometimes I walk in the field ( better for my mind and spirit.)  So imagine my surprise when at 6:40 this morning I hear a little voice calling me on the monitor.  Sierra usually sleeps to 8:00.  So I brought her downstairs, got her dressed and by 6:55 we were heading out into the field.  What a treat this walk was.  Sierra was the one who noticed the bluebird.  She was the one who stopped to pick the flowers.  It was she who noticed that the dried up cornstalks looked alot like bamboo.  And she chatted away about everything she was doing.  I brought my camera and I am so glad I did. Today started with a thankfulness in my heart for this amazing child and an appreciation for the nature around me.

 Click on the link to see some early morning shots!!

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  1. My little guys love going for a walk with me...in their stroller. Love it. I'm walking...sweating and the little guys are the ones who hear the birds and the grass growing. I'll check out your pictures. I'm sure they are beautiful and memories you won't forget.

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