Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Memories at last!!

Duirng the year of 2009 I so enjoyed experiencing all of Sierra's firsts...her first Easter, her first trip to the zoo, the first time we went camping, her first trip to the ocean etc.  It was incredible watching her eyes light up as she experienced the world around her!.  In January of this year when we celebrated her Forever Family Day, I was a little sad. Although there were probably a few new firsts to come, we had reached the end of her first year home with us.
But during the last few weeks I have come to realize that there is no reason to  be sad!  Because now Sierra has something she did not have before.  She has memories, she has history.  Now we can say to her "Remember when we did that and remember when we went there??  And she says to us" Mama remember when you and I did this?" or "Dada, can we go there again?"   Its something we have taken for granted in the past but not anymore.  Every memory created is one more than she had before.  People ask me if she remembers being in the orphanage.  She has such an incredible memory I can't imagine that she doesn't.  But she doesn't share them with us, even when looking at pictures.  Maybe some day she will or maybe they will forever stay hidden.  But she does remember us coming to China and our time there together.  And she remembers everything we have done together since that time.Yesterday we went to David's first game of the season and she said "Mama remember when we came to David's game and I ate seeds?" ( sunflower seeds).  So it makes me happy to post these two pictures of Easter last year and one of Easter this year.  Our traditional, yearly picture on the rock in front of our house!!!  We are so blessed indeed!!


  1. Look what a year of love and family has done for this child!! She positively radiates happiness! There could be no greater blessing for you and Scott this Easter than the privilege of raising that precious child.

  2. Oops sorry, Kathie, anonymous is me -- Maureen! Don't usually post comments, so am really bad at it. But I really loved your post today. Too true!

  3. What a difference a year makes. She is just glowing and her eyes are so full of life!