Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A little baseball and a little Spring!

The other night I went to Dave's baseball came...alone.  Sierra stayed home with Scott who watched the little boy I babysit for so I could leave for the game ( Thanks, honey!)  It was a great night for a game and a great game to watch.  Unfortunately we lost, but the boys played very well.  Believe it not I got to visit with a college friend that I haven't seen in 31 years!! He is the Athletic Director at the school we played and he came over to see if I was there. He knew from Facebook that I had a son who played baseball.
It was also a great night for pictures.  I took some of David and Paul.  The lighting was awesome.  On the drive home I passed through many apple orchards.  The trees are in full blossom! I actually pulled into one of the orchards to take some pictures.  Then I got a call from Scott that they had a fire call and Sierra was at the Firehouse.  So my picture taking ended early so I could go gather her.  It was such a pleasant evening on many accounts!!

My second baseman!
The two coaches sitting on their chairs!  Number 11 is my son Paul!
Big brother giving Dave some advice.  As a Mom I love these shots!!

Don't tell anyone but I took these next few shots while driving!

Orchards in full bloom!!
I don't know if you can tell but the orchard goes up hill and there are thousands of trees in bloom!


  1. Great pictures, goodness - can't wait until we can finally come visit!

    Loved the pictures of your boys, I can only imagine how much you treasure all of your kiddos.

  2. Great pictures, again! yep, it's time for baseball. You will have to enlarge those for his baseball scrapbook. :)

  3. Awesome pictures Kathie...I am looking forward to visiting at some point in this lifetime.
    Love the baseball pics....Brotherly love!