Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Catching Pollywogs!

On Sunday we stopped by Sierra's Mimi's house.  Since Sierra doesn't have any living grandmothers Mimi is her adotped one.  She lives up the road from us and is an incredible woman.  She and her husband Jack have had hundreds of foster children experience the joys of family at their house.  Her love for children is contagious and Scott claims it was her influence on him as a child which led him to adoption.  Well as luck would have it as soon as we pulled in the driveway Scott got called to a structure fire.  But Sierra and I opted to stay for a visit.  Our intent was to fly her kite but the wind was not cooperative.  Instead Sierra and Mim settled down on the bridge  by the tiny stream to catch some pollywogs.  And catch they did...for about 2 hours.  Did I mention that Mimi will be 71 this year  (and she drives a school bus!?)  The best part was to hear the occasional  "Oh fiddle!" when a tiny tadpole was able to escape their grasp. What wonderful people we have in our lives!!  God had a purpose for Mimi and it was all about the children.  She just loves on them.  She has had some of the toughest kids imagineable and she would say to people.."Oh I just love him!!!"  And she did and still does.  Her Mother's Day is filled with phone calls and cards from near and far from all of her "kids"!!  Sierra is so lucky to have Mimi in her life and so are we!! 
In case anyone is wondering...we let the pollywogs go before we left so they could "rejoin their families."

Although I love to fly kites, on this day there was nothing more enjoyable than to sit back and watch my girl and her Mimi by the stream catching pollywogs!


  1. How sweet! Every child should have a "mimi" in their ives

  2. How wonderful to have a "Mimi" up the road! Both sets of my kid's grandparents live out of state, so we just LOVE when we get to visit and spend time together. We are fortunate to have a Mimi-like person here too. Our babysitter, Jean, has been watching my kids for the past 8 years now. She is just like a grandma and just like your Mimi, she takes the kids on walks, collects things, and they have all sorts of fun!

  3. Mimi sounds like a fun lady! I lovw Sierra's outfit and can not believe how fast her hair is growing. Sounds like a great afternoon. Wish I could be there