Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Wolf and the Moose!

A couple of weeks ago we were looking forward to seeing a presentation about wolves at the nearby Community College. Sierra loves animals so we thought this would be fun. It turned out to be the day that we lost our dear friend Grace and at first I wasn't sure I wanted to go. But Sierra was excited and I knew that we should still go. My son Paul and his girlfriend Jenn met us there. They were raffling off a few things, one of which was a HUGE stuffed moose!!! You couldn't choose what to win but I knew Sierra wanted that moose and Dad was hoping against hope that she didn't (Not that he is mean, he just is realistic to how much space we have) but he bought the tickets anyway. After a very interesting and informative presentation they pulled the ticket for the moose guessed..Sierra won it!! It was worth everything to see the smile on her face. Now... this moose is living in her room. During the day he is in her crib and at night he sits on the floor. It takes up a good portion of her room and I can barely lift it to move it. Eventually it will have to find a new space but we are enjoying it right now!!!
Atka, an Arctic wolf

Sierra and her very large moose!!!


  1. That Moose is HUUUUUUGE!!! It looks more like a chair for Sierra! Great job Sierra are one lucky little girl!! Grace must be sending down her love to Sierra in an indirect kind of way!

  2. That's a huge Moose! I can only imagine how much she is enjoying it though, way too funny!