Friday, December 11, 2009


We receivied a copy of Sierra's abandonment add when we received her. In China they have to run an add asking if anyone knows the baby. The add also says where she wsa found, her finding spot. Sierra was found at a hospital. Because we never went to the city where her orphanage was, we never saw her finding spot. I had met a family online who adopted their daughter the same day we adopted Sierra. Although we had corresponded before, somehow we never knew we were in China at the same time. We never met although when I saw thier pictures afterward I realized we had seen them many times while in China. Anyway their daughter had also lived at Sierra's orphange for awhile. They met a shop worker who was from Zhanjiang, Sierra's birth city.They exchanged emails and became friends. Awhile ago the mom emailed me and said she would ask her new friend in China to try to find Sierra's finding spot. Its been awhile and I thought maybe the girl had not been back to Zhanjiang. Last night I emailed the mom again asking if she had heard anything. Today I received an email from the mom saying
she had just heard from her friend and she had pictures of Sierra's finding spot!!! This girl in China had gone home to visit her family and had gone to this hospital just to take pictures for me( really for Sierra!!!) I could not believe it. It is just amazing to me that I have them now because of someone half way around the world who cared!!!


  1. kathie, that's a great gift - esp for sierra when she's older. we were "lucky" to be able to see MeiLi's finding spot when we were in China but i have to tell you it was one of the saddest experiences in my life. i'm glad we went, and we took lots of pics and video, but it was definitely bittersweet. i was glad we had the chance to see it but being there was very hard.
    - ellen