Saturday, December 26, 2009

Best Christmas Ever!

What a wonderful day spent with family and friends!!  Our day started with the usual opening of presents with much excitement from an almost 4 year old who was celebrating her FIRST Christmas.  Then it was off to Pop Pops to share more presents with family.  After that we visited our good friends Alan and Teresa and their family.  We no sooner got home and it started to snow and Scott got called out to work....but at least we got the entire day in!!!  What I remember most about the day was the joy of having my family close to me.  With my 3 sons, and their girlfriends, Princess Sierra, and cousins, there is much activity and laughter...just the way I like it!  We were so blessed on this day...the day of Jesus' birth!!!  I will never forget it!!!
A little cute story.  Today we went to Kingston to buy a washing machine.  On the way out of the store we noticed it was raining.  Scott took off his vest to put it over Sierra to keep her from getting wet.  When we got to the car she said " Thank you daddy.  You love me and take good care of me!!!"  How grateful am I to know that she knows how much we love her and that she does indeed have people that will take care of her forever!!!!
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  1. That is just too sweet! When does the little Miss turn 4 ?