Thursday, December 17, 2009

Some winter fun!!!

All set to go on her first snowmobile ride!!

Sierra and Paul

Debbie, who owns the bagel shop, invited Sierra to come up and make a gingerbread house with her.  Sierra loved it

Debbie's family helping out!!

Proud of her work!!!

First big snow!!
Making a snow angel.

Having a snowball fight waiting for the Town tree lighting!

Singing Christmas carols by the newly lit tree!!


  1. Everytime I see a huge smile on Sierra's face, like in these pics, it reminds me how far she has come since China. It truly is an amazing journey, isn't it?

    Happy Holidays to you all. Hope you have a wonderful 1st Christmas with Sierra.

    Donna :)

  2. And what a lovely snow angel she is!

  3. Sierra looks like she is having so much fun. She has such a great smile. I love Sierras gingerbread house,,A work of art! Love the pink snow pants and jacket!

  4. Kathie - I noticed in China that Naia loves younger kids, and I have several photos of our girls together. Perhaps they were best buds? We really will have to get them together someday!