Tuesday, December 15, 2009

An Early Morning Visitor

So this is how my morning started. My husband came into my room and said " Goodbye honey! Have a great day. There is an animal somewhere in the house. We think we have it cornered in the computer room but we don't know what it is. It ran up David's leg onto his stomach while he was sleeping and I saw it in the bathroom."
I said" WHAT!!! What do you mean you are going to work. I can't stay here all day with an unknown animal in the house!!!"
And he proceeded to go to work. After about 10 not so nice phone calls from me...I think at one point I said " a real man would come home and get this thing out of my house!!" he came home. He and David went back up to the computer room and after a period of looking, found a very scared flying squirrel. Now I have to admit, we live in an old house and we occasionally have a mouse running around, but I really was afraid it was the other rodent , the one that starts with an "R" and ends in a "T" So for me (and David too I think) it was good news. We think he was in our Christmas tree when we brought it in last night. Not the best way to start the morning but all's well that ends well!!!

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  1. That would be a Freak Out moment for me!!Kind of a cute picture but NOT FOR INSIDE!!