Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Some precious words!!

Planting some tulip bulbs before the snow came!!

First off I'd like to share some exciting news!! One of Sierra's friends from her orphanage has been united with her forever family. Her new Mom and I have been corresponding for awhile now and both have pictures of our girls together in the orphanage. I can't share the photos because there are others in the picture too. Sierra and I are so happy that "another little girl has a Mommy and a Dadddy!!!"
I can't count the moments since Sierra has arrived that my heart has filled with joy!!! There are just soooo many. But after this comment last night I almost melted and became a puddle on her bedroom floor. I picked her up gave her a goodnight kiss and started to lay her down. She put her little arms around my neck, gave me a kiss and said
" Goodnight, Big Princess, sweet dreams!!"


  1. That would make me melt too! At bedtime at our house, Claire likes to grab my face and she kisses my cheeks, my forehead, my chin, and my nose. It is the sweetest! We are blessed!



    I LOVE your tree photos! We have a fake one. :( We really just don't have anywhere for a real one and both of ours are the skinny, short kind. Real ones are always too full, but they are so beautiful! And really, do you live inside a Norman*Rockwell painting???

    Hope you are enjoying the Christmas Season. It looks like you are!!!