Sunday, December 6, 2009

A beautiful day!!!

A Winter Wonderland!

I have posted before (see my birthday post in August 2009) about the Mohonk Mountain House hotel that is within 10 miles of our house. If we walk out back in the field behind our house we can see it. It is internationally known and people come from all over the world to stay there. It is hundreds of years old and breathtakingly beautiful!! This week it is open to the public to come see their Christmas decorations and since we had a little snow last night it was the perfect day to go!!!
Warming their hands!!

We ran into my good friend Ellen and her children so we were able to get a rare shot of the 3 of us!!!!


  1. What a beautiful place...I can almost feel how cool and crisp the air is..I can not believe how long Sierra's hair is beautiful! What a great family shot....those are hard to come by unless out with others

  2. Beautiful! Can't wait to come and see you guys sometime!

  3. Beautiful pictures! I wish it would really snow here:) I am so ready for snow!