Sunday, January 31, 2010

Baseball is in the Air!!!!

The Super Bowl has not been played yet!!!  The air temperature is 17 degrees.  There is still snow on the ground.....but there is baseball in the air!!  David had his first indoor baseball practice yesterday!!  Just the guys getting together and throwing but oh how it warms this Mom's heart.  Those of you that have been reading for awhile know about how there was no football season this year at David's High School.  Due to a small turn out of players (caused by many factors) David did not get to play quarterback in his senior year.  It was devastating to him and to me too.   Anyway, he loves baseball too and after a long  fall and winter of hunting, ice fishing and working, baseball season has
arrived.  I can't wat until it warms up a little and we can go see him play.  It's pretty neat because his older brother Paul is the Asst. Varsity coach!! Sierra loved going last year even though she hadn't been home that long.  This year she has so much more language and understanding of the world around will be great!!  I have been so proud of David lately and can't wait to go cheer him and his team on!!!!!!!

Baseball Season 2009


  1. Yep. Right there with you, baseball signup for Ryan is in just a few short weeks. I had to smile when you said that Sierra enjoyed going last summer. It was May when we adopted Emma so within a few days of getting home with her we were up at the ballpark. She loved the concession stand - even at 1! haha.

  2. I think David and Nick would get along great! He loves baseball too! Unfortunately, with the broken ankle, we're not sure if he will get to play or not!

  3. We love baseball at our house! We are finishing up the basketball season!