Thursday, January 14, 2010

Some pictures of a joyful day!!!

This is Sierra waiting patiently for us to go out to dinner.  She all of a sudden likes to pose!!

This is Sierra opening her special gift at the restaurarant.

These last 2 photos are of the special tea party Sierra and I had yesterday.  She just loves her kid sized tea party set from China.  She told us " I love my present.  It is beautiful!!!"  It comes with 6 cups so we will have to have a real tea party soon!!!!


  1. She's just beautiful Kathie, just absolutely beautiful!!!

    We went out to eat too, but I forgot to take Bex a present. Sigh. I bought some things for her but can't find them right now either. I used to be so organized ...

    Did you per chance ever email my friend?

  2. You guys must be over the moon with her. What a beautiful and sweet child. Wonderful family.