Saturday, January 23, 2010

Happy 4th Birthday, Sierra!!!!

I don't know where this year has gone.  A year ago today Sierra woke up in China on her 3rd birthday.  36 hours later she fell asleep in her new bed in the USA and it was still her birthday!! It's actually the 2nd birthday she has spent with us, but the first real birthday celebration for her. It was an awesome day.  I will post more about her party tomorrow,  But I would like to tell you 4 things that I love about Sierra!!

1. She loves people!!  She is outgoing, friendly, confident and really likes to  be around people.  She makes them feel good and she makes us smile!!

2.  Her thirst for learning.  When I read Sierra a book at night , if I read a word and she doesn't know what it means, she stops me and says"Mama.. what does__________ mean??  ANd she remembers for the next time.  Today she was playing with the balloons that we had filled her room with.  And she started counting them.  At that point there was 12.  Some had spilled into her brothers room.  And then she picked one and held it behind her back and said " And what if I took one away.  How many balloons do I have now??"  I mean..... this kid was doing subtraction while she played!!!!!

3. Her appreciation.  Sierra loves everything we do with her.  That is what makes it so fun to take her places.  She thanks us, she tells us how much fun she had, she tells other people how much fun she had and she means it.

4. She loves to dance.  The other night I was tired and a little crabby.  I was trying to get her ready for bed and she was moving at a snails pace when I just wanted to get done.  We were in the bathroom and the shower radio was on.  She stopped to listen to the song.  I said " Come on!!" And she said" Mama, I like this song. I want to dance and I want you to dance with me"  So I looked at this precious girl, who was tired too, but not too tired to dance .  So we twirled and turned together around the bathroom and then I picked her up and held her as we danced together.  And when we spun around she looked at me and giggled and smiled that amazing smile of hers.  And I was so glad that I hadn't missed the chance to dance.

Happy Birthday Sierra...We love you so much!!!! And there isn't  a day that goes by that I don't thank God for sending you to join our family!!!


  1. Happy Birthday sweet little Sierra!

    On the dancing, makes me think of SCJ song about dancing with his girls.

    Glad you guys had a wonderful 4th/2nd birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday Beautiful Sierra!!! I hope you had a WONDERFUL day and your heart was filled with joy!

  3. Happy Birthday Sierra!!
    Hope you have a great day!!

  4. Happy Birthday Sierra..I hope all of your wishes come true!! I was thinking about you on your special day....Julia is sending you hugs and kisses!

  5. What strong, brave, and smart girls God has given us! Life just wouldn't be the same without our China treasures!

    Happy Birthday, Sierra! May all your dreams come true. Keep dancing!