Saturday, January 9, 2010

Thank you Paul and Jenn!!!

This is Ainsley.Is she not too sweet?!!!  She resided at the same orphange Sierra did.  Right now she is in Foster Care in China.  We help to sponsor her.  Every month we send a check to Pearl River Outreach and the money goes to the care of Ainsley.  (Read about the Bamboo Babies at  Anyway since I am not working I tried to figure out a way to help bring in the 35 dollars a month.  So I started taking our deposit bottles back.  We had just been recycling them.  Then I asked my family to save their's too.  Now in NY that includes small water bottles!!!!  So I was greatly moved the other night whe Paul's girlfriend Jenn showed up at the house.  She handed me some money and said,"Kathie, we brought back two big bag of bottles tonight and it only came to 4 dollars So Paul and I are kicking in the rest for Ainsley.  She handed me 35 dollars!!! It made me cry!!!. How our hearts are now forever changed to the plight of orphans!!! And how proud am I of Paul and Jenn!!!!

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