Saturday, July 18, 2009

A little journey!

I have mentioned before about the farm that I work at on the weekends. The owners have
a wonderful business that caters to families. They own a 100 acre farm that has many acres of a Upick fruit and vegetables. The people stop up at the barn, collect their buckets and bags and go down and pick what they want. When they are done they return to the farm and pay for what they picked. Much of it has to be weighed so they need to bring in what they have picked. Unfortunately my bosses have learned the hard way that the cars need to be checked as people have been caught lying about what they have picked. Now I am one of those people that naturally think that most people are good and honest and only a few are dishonest. And I guess for the most part that is true. But I was so disillusioned today when I hadn't even been there one hour and 2 different families were caught trying to steal. Yes, FAMILIES, with kids in the car!!! I was horrified. One women had a large women's purse full of potatoes!!!

By the end of my 6 hour shift we had caught 5 people trying to steal. Needless to say it left a very bad taste in my mouth. The guy that I work for is one of the most hard working decent business man you could find. He is a former dairy farmer who took what he loved, farming , and made a very successful business out of it. The farm has a petting zoo a picnic area, a farm market and a very unique mini golf course that features all edible plants and fruits. As he said if someone was going hungry and they came and talked to him, he would provide them with food. And believe me these people were not lacking money!

Anyway I came home and my sweet husband had dinner all ready for us. He also went and bought a bike for himself so we could go on a bike ride this evening. We live near a large reservoir which is a beautiful spot. It used to be open to traffic but since 9/11 no cars are allowed over the dam. But bikes are!! It is an absolutely gorgeous view of the Catskill Mountains and nature abounds.

So we pedaled along (Sierra is riding in her seat behind me) and the first thing we saw was a mom deer and her twin fawns. They get pretty used to people riding by so we were able to get some great shots

So we rode a little further and met some Canadian geese who live along the shore!

Now where we live Bald Eagles are not a common site. For the past few years there has been a pair nesting at the reservoir. Sometimes , if you are lucky you get to see them. One did fly by us but we weren't able to get a picture.. But on the ride back across one of the young Bald Eagles fly over us and landed in a dead tree. You'll have to take my word for it although they are still all brown at this age. You can tell its a large bird.

So as we pedaled along and we saw more and more of God's beautiful hand, I began to feel a little better. Yes there is evil in the world and yes there are people who make very poor decisions... But God has surrounded us with so much beauty and good!! Its right there in front of us always. It just takes a special husband who some how knew I needed to be taken on this little journey this evening and shown what I knew all along.

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  1. I just popped over from A Place Called Simplicity. May God bless you as you do your first fast - one of the fruits of the Spirit is self-discipline - may your life be more fruitful as you surrender this area of your life to Him. Love from NE!