Friday, July 3, 2009

A Great Time Was Had By All!!!!

Vacations are the best!!! What a great time to regroup and just spend hours and hours together!!! This was Sierra's first camping trip and she was a trooper. Now , we camp with a travel trailer so when it rains, we still have lots of room!!! Most of the time , even when it rains though, we are outside. Just the way I like it. We were right on the lake and Sierra was very good about minding her boundaries. Of course she was never out of our sights!!! She learned how to cast a fishing pole, swam in a pool and a lake for the first time, went kayaking with me, roasted marshmallows, made S'mores, had her picture taken with Frankenstein, touched her first fish, sat by the campfire and had many more adventures! Here's a few pictures!!

And yes it did rain almost every day but only a short shower!

Playing in the lake
Frankenstein in Lake George. She wanted her picture taken with him. Now all 3 of my boys were petrified of him when they were little!!!

Having fun in the pool!
David caught a record(for him) 32 fish. He was thrilled and Sierra had to touch every one!!!!
Her famous, " I can do it" And she did!!!

My new favorite picture of Sierra and Daddy!!!!
This picture is priceless. I love pictures of them from the back. It really shows the difference in their sizes but also shows the sweetness David has in his heart for Sierra. Look how she is holding on to his hand!!! We were so happy that he was able to join us on this trip!!!!!


  1. What a wonderful place to go! I love the photos! She looks like she is doing so well...

  2. I love the beautiful smiles on Sierra's face, She sure loved the vacation. How wonderful you could have such a great family time. Happy 4th of July to one of our newest little citizens!!! Linda

  3. Looks like everyone had a wonderful time! We used to love to camp but haven't been able to go in the last few years. Seeing your pictures sure makes me want to get a camping weekend planned!

  4. Love all of the picture...especialy the one with David and Sierra! Wayyyy to go David on catching all of those fish! It would have been fun to go camping with all of you!