Tuesday, July 28, 2009

It's Fair Time!

David has, since 8 years old, has shown cows at the Ulster County Fair. This will be his last year showing in the 4H show as he turns 18 in two weeks!! He spends the week at the fair with his Dad. sierra and I will go and watch him show on Thursday while I am there with 50 camp kids. This fair is the real old type county fair with lots of animals, farm demonstrations etc. It also has a fun midway and if you time things right you can watch Robinsons Racing Pigs! Really!!!
All my kids have shown cows and all still like hanging out at the fair!! It is also the favorite field trip for camp as the kids get to ride on as many rides as they wish!! It is usually very hot and humid but the kids love it anyway!!! I will post some fair pictures later on in the week.
Unfortunately David had some truck trouble going over the mountain back to the fair today. Let's hope it is his transmission line and not his transmission. He drives a 1990 something Ford Ranger that he bought himself before he turned 16.
Sierra is doing well and is loving swimming. She is already swimming underwater and is a real water rat!!! I love seeing her face all wet and sparkly!!!!

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  1. Hi Kathie,
    The fair looks like a lot of fun. Good luck showing the cows this year David....get that truck fixed....hopefully not too expensive!
    We have our State Fair coming up in about a week...should be fun!