Wednesday, June 10, 2009

You can see how it hit her nose and her eye at the same time!

Anybody recognize this toy?

Now the other eye!!!

Sierra had 2 eye injuries last week. The first one was the most serious and we are lucky it turned out the way it did. We found a boomerang type thin in the yard, in the bushes. It may have been the neighbors or it may have been one of the kids I baby sit for. Any way Scott threw it and we all watched it. Sierra ran a little ahead of us and wouldn't you know it came right back and hit her in the eye. Not only near her eye but it hit her eye ball. We caleed the pediatrician, by now its after 9:00 on a Saturday night. Her eye didn't look bad or even that red but I worry about the eyes. They said to bring her in first thing sunday morning. The doctor( not the one I usually use) put the dye in and said she had a small abrasion that was not over her cornea. He sent us home with no drops or anything. It was teary on Sunday but didn't seem to bother her. On Monday morning it actually looked better but by the afternoon her whole eye was turning pink. It looked like a really bad case of pink eye. So at 5:00 we were back at the doctores. It was infected but this time we went home with heavy duty antibiotic drops and an appontment the next afternoon to make sure they were working. Eye infections can get nasty quick. I had a frieind whose brother lost his eye at age 3 with in 24 hours of getting poked by a play broom!!!
Luckily when we went back on Tuesday it was much improved. I brought the toy in for the doctor to see as he was not happy with the design of it. He would like to knwo that they at least have a warning on the label that states that it should not be used with young children around. I have some research to so as the only thing that is written on the back is JARV or JARU . I am enclosing a picture.
On Wed. we stopped at the fire house to see Daddy and she fell against the dashbord of the fire truck she was sitting in. Some blood and a little cut VERY close to her eye but nothing serious! What a couple of days!!!


  1. Glad everything is okay with her eye. I loved your post about Scott being a great dad - it is obvious in the candid photos. My favorite is the fishing photo a few posts back. Hope Sierra's eye continues to heal with no problems. Take care...

  2. Oh man Kathie, bless her little heart & yours too. I can only imagine how worried you have been. Glad everything is okay w/ her eye though.

  3. I am so sorry! HOW SCARY! Thank you for sharing this w/ us. Who knew a boomerang toy could be so dangerous?! It should definitely be pulled. Maybe contact the Consumer Product's Safety commission online w/ that photo?

    Bless her heart. I am so thankful the antibiotics worked so fast, and that she is doing good despite her eye mishaps.

  4. Oh Kathie
    You must have been worried...Loves and kisses from Julia to make it feel better...Eye injuries are always worrisome. We miss you!!