Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Didn't notice right away!!!

So let's see, Sierra has been home for almost 5 months now. Ironically our very, very VERY long LOA wait was also 5 months. Some how I can not reconcile the 2 amounts of time!!! This 5 months has flown. The other 5 months?... NOT!!!!!! Anyway, about 3 weeks ago, I took Sierra to the farm where I work. They have a petting zoo where you can feed the animals. As Sierra was feeding the goats she yelled out, then held up her thumb and said "Mom, goat bit Sierra's thumb." When I first looked at her thumb I got scared. It looked funny. But she wasn't crying or anything. Then I realized that the goat did not hurt her, but there was a definite problem with her thumb. I could not believe I did not notice it before this. I asked Scott and all the boys if they had noticed it. Nope, no one had. You really only notice it if she holds her thumb up by itself. The pediatrician called it a trigger thumb and sent us to a hand surgeon. The surgeon said she was probably born with it and it would get worse if left alone. The only treatment is surgery. Her arm will be in a cast, just up past her elbow!!! We are planning on having it done in late Oct. early Nov. Since it is not an emergency( and it took me 4 months to even notice it) we would like to wait until our camping season is over and her language skills are even better. Although the surgery is minor, I hate the idea of her going under. I know many of your children have had major surgeries and I know this doesn't compare but it is something we were not expecting. And there was no mention of it in her paperwork from China!!!

Here you can notice it while she's eating popcorn. How did I not notice it before????


  1. Keep us posted on the date for surgery... She's grown so much!! She just gets cuter and cuter!!


  2. Never seen anything like it! Glad it's a minor surgery but still, I get it, it's hard!! Hugs!!!

  3. Oh Kathy, my goodness. I'm so sorry that Sierra will have to have surgery but I can promise you it'll be harder on you than her! I am glad you can wait awhile.

    I love your story of how she named her family. How precious. I can't wait for that day when S can talk. I can't wait to hear what she has to say!!!

    Do keep us posted on the surgery date when you know. I guess it was good the goat *bit* her so that you could see her thumb in a different light. Don't you think it is sort of neat you never noticed?! You just saw past it and I don't think I would've noticed either. And can she REALLY jump rope?! Wow, I'm impressed!!!

    So glad to hear of your work leave too. What great news!!!