Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What is next?

So in all my excitement of yesterday (read previous post ) I failed to mention another funny occurance. On Sunday, I was the Reader. (the person who reads the Scripture) Daddy was busy preparing hotdogs for our after church picnic. So Sierra and I sat in the front pew right by the podium where I speak. I told her to stay in the seat and I showed her where I would be. 2 feet in front of her. Now when I had to do this once before, I had brought a small bag of Skittles which I gave her right when I had to get up. Did I remember them this time? NO!!! So I get up and I have to start with a prayer. So out of the corner of my eye, which is facing down mind you, I see Sierra slip out of the pew. OK I think, She is coming to stand by me. I can handle that. NOT!!! She climbs up on the piano bench and starts to play the piano!!!! Right in the middle of the prayer! I go and get her and continue the prayer. Mmmm, it doesn't take her 5 seconds to realize the mike is very cool. She leans foward and starts singing La la la la,So I stepped back, and continue reading the Scripture, very quickly!!! Afterwards everyone thought it was funny, but no one laughed at the time. I would have felt better if they did because funny was not one of the words that came to mind while it was happening. I know God was smiling down upon this sweet little girl who is now so comfortable in her surroundings. I know he believes his placement of her in our lives is a job well done!!! I have enjoyed telling the story because it truly is one of those moments one never forgets!!!Oh and after I told the social worker the story yesterday, Sierra told her I spanked her hand. I DID NOT SPANK HER HAND!!! I DID NOT SPANK ANYTHING!!!Not in church, not home, no where!!!
Here are some pictures of Sierra picking strawberries with me. Notice how clean her shirt and mouth is, this is the beginning.

This is a view from the fields. the barn in the distance is where I work on the weekends. It houses a fresh produce market and a petting zoo. Its a beautiful place!!!

This picture was taken after we arrived home. She is still eating strawberries, but she certainly isn't clean!!! I love kids in strawberry covered shirts!!!! And faces too!!!

Daddy took these pics while I was at work one weekend.


  1. Absolutely too funny!! And the photos are adorable!! I think you're right though... How could God help but smile at His precious little child playing and singing in His house?

  2. Your blog always brings a smile to my face! I wish I could've been there for that and I would have definitely laughed. On Sunday during the message when the pastor was making a big, SERIOUS point, several people amened and such after the pastor elevated his voice and paused. Well after everyone else had finshed their amens and all, S said not quietly, "Yeah!!!" Several people had said, "Yes!" but she can't say yes but can say yeah. It was sort of funny and I snickered but no one around us did … then it felt awkward. Fun stuff!!! Hope you are having a great camping trip!