Monday, June 22, 2009


OK I am not doing too well right now!!! My social worker was scheduled to come tomorrow at 3:45 for Sierra's 6 month placement visit. I love our social worker. She is great, but still you want to pass muster. Those of you that really know me know that housekeeping is certainly not one of my strong suits. In fact I hate it. I would rather be outside any day or inside playing with Sierra than cleaning the house. So I kept putting it off. Today I had a plan . I will start upstairs and finish the downstairs tomorrow. I left at 2 to go and work at the school until 3:30. I got home at 3:50 and noticed a car in the driveway. Mmmmm who is this. Then she got out. IT WAS THE SOCIAL WORKER!!!!! ONE DAY EARLY!!!!!!! I wanted to get back in the car and RUN!!!!! But I didn't. I graciously invited her in and hoped she didn't notice the piles and the dog hair and the toys and everything. It was horrible. I felt like a very bad mother. Luckily I was able to get a hold of Scott who came home from where he was working. We did what we had to do but I hated it. I was totally embarrassed. She said she didn't come to see my housekeeping but.... The funny thing is, no lie, I had a dream that she came early when my house was a mess. I dreamt that last night. I was sooo glad to wake up and realize it was a dream. I know there is a lesson about waiting to the last minute and all that. And I don't like living in a messy house, so maybe this is what I needed. So a new leaf is being turned as I speak!!!!
PS Oh yeah!! Sierra told the social worker she has big boobies!!!


  1. OK, this is hilarious!!! I'm sorry to laugh at your expense, but it just is!!! I have to share though that I had the biggest pile of ironing to do on our kitchen table and I just left it. The SW said, "So is this where you NORMALLY eat dinner as a family?" She and I both laughed. I said, "Yes, when I have the ironing caught up!" They see it all.

    And on the boobies, what is up w/ the fascination there. I do not have big ones but S still is into looking and she is totally enraptured w/ her two grandmas who are … let's just say, well-endowed. I can only imagine what she'll say about those when she can speak more! HA!

  2. Ok...Sierra's comment is SO funny...I'm like you, I would have freaked out to have our SW show up early! I hate cleaning house and avoid it at all costs and I get caught off guard way too often.

    So just know you are not alone!! She would have found piles of laundry on the sofa... Chinese New Year decorations, still in the dining room (at Abby's request though)...books everywhere and a floor desperately in need of sweeping. I think messy housekeepers make great moms!


  3. That is too funny. Our social worker is coming tomorrow for our 12 month post placement. Our house is full of boxes and chaos. We move in 2 weeks. We will have to move boxes around so she can get in the door. It should be interesting.