Saturday, April 30, 2011

Easter Pics!!

 The weekend and following week have gone by so fast but I wanted to post some pics of Easter. Sierra's dress came in a hand me down bag about 2 weeks before Easter. Although I had one already picked out this one was even better. I bought the head band and gloves and shoes at Tarrget!! I did forget to get a picture of her and her brothers that day. BUMMER!!!

                                                             Suerra was so excited that the real Easter Bunny
stopped by her house for a quick visit  Sat. night!

 We've had some rain so the boots were a must for the easter egg hunt!


  1. She's so beautiful Kathie!
    Happy Belated Easter!

  2. Kathie, did you take that final pic of Sierra? It's gorgeous! Looks like a professional pic.

  3. Kathie,I love her dress and accessories...she is adorable...what great pictures.

  4. Oh what precious Easter pics! You should frame that last one. Gorgeous!

    Much Love,