Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Congratulations Dave!!

I am so proud of my son David.  Last night I attended his graduation from his Firefighter 1 Course.  In NY state to be a credited volunteer firefighter, you must take this course.  David joined the c company as a probie when he was 16.  when he turned 18 he started driving the trucks.  He has trained most Wednesdays and has been allowed to actually go inside a building on fire (Yikes) .  But now he is a certified interior fighter fighter.  The course was 86 hours.  It started in November and was supposed to be finished in Feb,,,but all the bad winter weather kept pushing it back. So almost 6  months after he started he is finished.  He looked so sharp in his uniform as did his brother Paul who is the new chief of our fire company.  Scott(my husband, David's stepdad) was there also as Asst, Chief...but not in uniform as we had just gotten done coaching Sierra's TBall team.  Anyway we are so lucky to have thse men AND women who give up their time so selfishly.  On Sunday they responded to a call that made my blood run cold..  It was a gas explosion in a single apartment in an apartment building.  Luckily the renters were away but the firemen didn't know that.  They entered the apapartment to make sure no one was injured. They needed to turn off the electric and gas and they put themselves in harms way to protect the other families.  Believe me i thank God every time they return safely.  Anyway here are some pics~~~
                                                                    Paul in the middle

                                                       David receiving his certificate
                                                        A proud brother looking on
                                    Stone Ridge Fire Company's newest(with Scott hiding in the backgroud)
                                      Random cuteness eating her crackers on the back of the fire truck!!

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  1. Congrats David
    What an accomplishment....be safe!!! Love the pictures