Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Change of Plans!

Today I had all intentions of picking up Sierra at preschool when I was done at work and then come home and do some cleaning in my house.  It desparately needs it. But it is fall and what so often happens to me during this season...I got side tracked.  Sierra had taken a little nap at school and she was  ready for an adventure.  So I said the heck with the cleaning and we went on a walk.  I am so blessed to be surrounded by some of the moxt beautiful countryside ever.  We don't have to get in a car and go...we just walk out the door and and we are there!!!  So instead of cleaning this is what we did:

                                        Explored the softness of an opened milkweed pod
wondered what animal lived in this hole


found a hidden pond,

walked with a friend,

cam across some corn flowers that survived the frost,

and even after we returned to our own yard the beauty continued

the view in our backyard

So after about 2 hours of being outside Sierra and I went in.  Shortly thereafter my son Paul called to tell us to look out our kitchen window. Sierra and I ran outside!  It had started to sprinkle and the sun was still shining and we were treated to a double rainbow!! 

The sky changed and we ran ito our neighbors yard and got this!!

So...the house is still messy, the clothes still piled up,but this afternoon, shared with my girl, will be forever imprinted in my heart and mind!!!


  1. this is gorgeous, you live in one of the most beautiful countryside, with one of the most loveable child~


  2. Ah Kathie - it is beautiful there! Can't wait to see it in person. You're SUCH A GOOD MAMA!!!! Sierra is going to have some many good memories growing up ... whether or not the house is messy isn't even going to be on the radar, but time with her sweet mama is what memories are made of. I could sure learn a lot from you!

  3. Wow, what beauty that surrounds you! You made the right will always be there but she won't always be little. Thanks for the reminder for myself.


  4. Kathie, you have an amazing back yard. I would not do housework if I had all that beautiful nature around....Glad you got some special time with Sierra

  5. What a blessing to have that view!! It is so lovely. It really is worth it sometimes to take a detour from the daily routine. The laundry and cleaning will always be there waiting, but time like that with Sierra, is priceless.

  6. Kathie, SOOO jealous of the beautiful area you live in and what an amazing view from your backyard! We don't get to see all the beautiful fall colors here in AZ. I love how to take the time with Sierra to stop and appreciate all the little things.