Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy 25th Birthday Paul!!

Happy Birthday to my middle son Paul!!  I can't believe it was 25 years ago that you so quickly came into my life!!  My other 2 labors were long , painful and drawn out.  Not Paul's...a mere hour  after arriving at the hospital he was here!!  He was a baby and a child that everyone loved; happy, smiley, easy going, tiny!! One of his teachers told me once that if she had a daughter she would want her to marry someone like Paul!!  Quite a compliment and it sure made this Mama proud!! Whenever I hear people make comments about boys always being there for their Moms, I think of Paul.  He is probably my biggest protector and although our similarities in personality can sometimes cause flare ups, we always can talk things out.  I am so excited that in one year's time he will be marrying Jenn.  He will be a great Dad as he is an awesome big brother to Sierra. He has made me proud in so many ways!  I love you Paul!

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  1. Happy Birthday Paul!!! I bet you are a pretty special guy if you have as big a heart as your mom! She has been a true friend and I am waiting very patiently for her visit to see us someday! Hope you had a great day!