Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Happy 7th Birthday Sierra!!!

Its had to believe our daughter is 7!!  It seems like just yesterday we met the most precious, beautiful 3 year old. But it was 4 years ago on a  January day in 2009.  She entered our hearts then and became ours in every sense of the word.  I can not imagine my life without her.  Its hard to remember life before her.  She has brought so much joy to our family that it's difficult to even express. Her 3 brothers adore her and she thinks the world of them. When people used to ask me why I would want to start all over again at age 50..I told them that as far as I was concern I could never tire of parenting and having children in the house AND I wanted my husband to be a father.  He is amazing.  The bond he and Sierra share is special.  But it was to my side of the bed she walked the other night when she felt like she was going to throw up  "Why? "  I asked her.  She replied  " because Daddy doesn't do well with throw up and I know you don't mind it."  Love that girl!!!  Happy Birthday Sierra!!  I wish for you joy, and abundant blessings.  I know you don't like growing up and getting older but I for one can not wait to see what God has in store for you!!    I will be eternally grateful for being the one chosen to be your forever  Mommy!!
Love you to the moon and back!!!


  1. She is getting so big! YouYou often says she doesn't want to grow too, and then I have to remind her of all the things she gets to do now that she is getting bigger. Tell your sweet girl Happy Birthday from her Guangdong buddy :)

  2. Happy Birthday, Sierra! Wow, 7 already?! Time does fly. She is so beautiful. Funny about the throw-up reasoning, lol! Sounds about like our house, dad does not do well with it!

  3. I am so late with this....Happy Birthday sweet girl! I pray you have a fantastic year!
    Many Blessings!