Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Dear Sierra..

Dear Sierra,
Today is Election Day 2012.  Not a day I have been looking forward to.  I hate politics.  I hate all the name calling and people bashing and all the lies and promises and the gloating and it all.  I hate it.  But I do love the fact that as a country WE get to pick who our leaders are.  Now it is complicated beacuse the person who wins the popular vote..who gets the MOST votes..may not be the winner... but that is another story.

Tonight at dinner you asked me who I voted for.   I wasn't sure I would tell you..its private I said...people don't have to share...and then I told you anyway.  You asked me why I voted for Mitt Romney and I said because of you.  You looked at me questioningly and I  said I would explain it some day.   I mean how  do you explain abortion to a six year old....

You see Sierra..it was a difficult year for me this year.  I don't fall into one political party or another.  I maybe should...but I don't.  I feel strongly about many issues but they don't fall into one party's agenda or another.  Its hard.....  But this year  I voted in honor of you Sierra...in honor of you and Grace and Izzy and Ivy Joy  and Julia  and Brianna and Mary Elizabeth and all the children we know who joined their families through adoption.  Seven and half years a go Sierra, your birth mother in China found out she was carrying a baby. She chose to carry you for nine months    and then brought you somewhere where you would be found.  Some of the birth Moms may have full intended too keep their babies, some may not have...but they chose to give you life.  Some people may say they had no choice...maybe there was no place to get an abortion...maybe they couldn't afford it.  Exactly my point....they carried you and you were born.  A beautiful, smart, joyful, little girl who will grow up and do great things some day.When I think of what the alternative could have been been...I cry.  You are here because for some reason..abortion was not a choice.  I don't think it  should be.  I don't want ANY of my hard earned money going to fund anyone's abortion,   From the time a child is conceived it is a growing living thing  whose life should be valued not extinguished.  You will here a lot of talk about a women's right...but I care about the unborn babies right...I believe they have a right to be born...its what God believes too.  I am a woman and I am against abortion.

So Sierra...you helped me .  You are a constant reminder to me to value life.  Mitt Romney is against abortion and although he stands for some things I don't agree with, it is enough for me.  I pray for our country as it is so divided.  I pray that we can come together , put aside our differences, work together to become the great nation we should be.  But this year Sierra, I chose life...because of you...
I love you baby girl...to the moon and back...


  1. Love it and very well said. My family has been blessed too by life. So thankful the birth moms chose life!


  2. This made me cry reading it! Thanks for posting this and sending me the link.
    Brianna's Mom

  3. Kathie you have been a true and passionate advocate for children from the day I was blessed enough to meet you at college freshmen year. God Bless you, your beautiful family, & America.
    Love PJ

  4. Oh Kathie, a beautiful post about a beautiful girl. These are my feelings exactly as we are now adopting a little girl from China who could easily have been aborted. How wonderful for your sweet Sierra to know and feel your love for her each day.

    A belated merry Christmas to your sweet family. May the coming year be full of blessings.

    Much Love,

  5. Love you girls! Hugs from Az
    Mary and Ivy Joy :)

  6. Hello Kathie,

    I'm so sorry that I have never been by your blog before. I came here today, because of a comment you left on my blog about 14 months ago. You left me the most beautiful comment ever over our referral photo. And being we just celebrated our 1st year today with Emma, as our Gotcha Day was 2.19.12 and our final adoption 2.20.12, I started re-reading our comments. I want to thank you for the kind words.

    And your post here, awesome! I voted for the same guy for the same reasons and i'm sorry it was done by fraud, because no way should he have won. I have set my blog to private a while back and if you like to follow, I will be happy to add you. Emma has grown up so much in the past year. She just celebrated her 1st American birthday turning 2 on Sunday CNY, what an awesome one that was. Hugs from Florida.