Friday, April 6, 2012

I have wanted to post but I wanted as  many people as possible to read about Spencer and the important message his Mom wanted to share.  So...if you have not done so...please read the post below!!!!
We have been busy here.  I haven't posted this but we are moving...less than a mile down the road...into the house that Scott grew up in.  It will be a good move for us, but there is a lot to do before that happens.  There is 40 years of stuff in the house we are moving into  and about 10 years of stuff in our house we are moving out of.  It makes for a lot of stuff.  But its good timing as I have been wanting to get rid of more stuff in our lives.  The things and junk we really don't need.  We are doing some remodeling in the "new" house...the kitchen, turning the garage into a den/guest room, making the laundry room a little larger and adding a mud room.  We are in no hurry ( at least that is what Scott keeps saying) so we are taking our time.  The kitchen is done as of this week when they put the counter tops on!!  I will hate leaving behind so many precious memories and things like the bluestone walkway and wall my son David made for me when he was 16.  I cry every time I  look at it.  But we will make new memories and Scott is so excited to be back at the house!

Our dear friends Jill and Steve moved to Maine in December.  They have 3 wonderful children.  Izzy, their youngest was adopted from China in 2010.  We have missed them terribly.  But...they came for a visit in March AND last weekend e took a long weekend and went to visit them.  It was awesome.  I love Maine...I always feel like i am going back home when I visit...although I have never lived there.  If I could retire and have a place there I would be sooo happy!!  We love spending time with this family and had so much fun!!

We have been on spring break.  I have really loved the and sunny.  Ticks are a problem this year. I found one crawling on Sierra the other day and then found one embedded in my neck the next.  Many around here have been diagnosed with Lyme disease and I am on a preventive dose of antibiotics.  as I won't give up waling we must be more diligent in checking each other!!
david has been busy going to college at the community college three days a week and then working the other two.  He loves to keep busy though and that is a good thing!!

We are looking forward to two camping trips this summer.  Gas is so expensive and since we are pulling the camper...we will only be going about two hours away....once to Pennsylvania and once to Corinth NY.  But we love both places and Sierra and I will be kayaking on the lakes!!

Sierra is loving kindergarten and is a sponge for learning.  Thank goodness for the internet as I can not always answer all of her many, MANY questions!!  She is a blessing to our family and also to all who meet her.  Just the other day I was telling her we needed to go through her toys and weed out what she doesn't need.  I told her we were having a yard sale and she could sell her toys and keep the money for something special  She said. "No Mommy, I want to send the money to China so they can build a hospital where kids can go and not have to pay.  We have been following  some blogs of newly adopted children from China who have undergone serious heart surgeries.  I was so proud of her!!

I hope to be a better blogger.  I get so caught u pin reading others.  If you stop by to visit please leave a comment.  I'd love to know who you are!!

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  1. If I placed you correctly on RQ aren't you thinking about some other news? :D
    Best wishes on your move and remodeling. Fun stuff!