Saturday, April 7, 2012

"Heart" felt prayers please

I have been following three blogs of little girls from China with serious heart disease.  Annie,
 here  has been a bloggy friend for a few years.  Her daughter Katie Grace has been discharged today  PTL!!!  While following their blog I found a link to another precious girl Ivy.  I was awed by this little girl, her family, and their Faith.  Please pray for sweet Ivy as she recovers from her very serious operation.  And remember , in China, she was deemed unadoptable and inoperable here
 And another sweet girl is waiting for a heart transplant.  here Rachel also was brought home from China, her new family not knowing if her broken heart could be fixed!  All three Moms have written wonderful posts abut what is really important this weekend.  Please stop by all three places( you will be glad you did ) and keep all three families in your prayers!!  I absolutely can not write a better Easter post!!

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  1. Thank you!! I have been following with the others as well and have kept them in my prayers! You are a dear bloggy friend!!