Sunday, October 2, 2011

Moments to treasure

A few years ago, before we traveled to China to bring Sierra home,  I went to visit my sister for a long weekend.  One of the things we did was to  go kayaking near her home.  I had been in canoes and rowboats but never a kayak.  I had so much fun.  I loved being so close to the water.  I loved how silently the kayaks moved you through the water, so silently that you were able to see creatures that otherwise might have been scared away.  I came home and told Scott how much I enjoyed kayaking.  We live in an area that has m any water ways so i knew I wanted to get one.  Scott surprised me a few months later with my own kayak.  And since then, my one requirement for camping, is that the place must have a lake that I can kayak on.
  About 5 months after bringing Sierra home. we went camping.  She loved climbing in the kayak with me and going for a ride.  She is tiny so she could sit right in front of me!

Every time we went camping she came kayaking with me.   But as she got bigger it was getting a l ittle tight.  She s aid "its OK Mommy" every time I hit her in the head with the paddle.  I started researching kayaks for children and found one the seemed perfect. I ordered it from Dicks.  It was small, but could hold up to 135 pounds, it didn't tip easily!!!
So over the weekend , we went camping.  Sierra got to try out her new kayak.  And oh my,....I was not prepared for the strength of the feeling of joy that came over me as I looked to my side and saw my daughter paddling next to me.  She did awesome.  She had perfect control..... and she loved it!! 

I so look forward to many more enjoyable times on the lake!!!!  I am so blessed to have this girl in my life!!!!

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  1. Go Sierra!!! Kathie, the lake on your header is SO UNBELIEVABLY BEAUTIFUL!!!! Stephe & Giorgia