Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Dear Mom and Dad

Dear Mom and Dad,
There have been many days during the last years that I have missed you both so much.  But none as much as yesterday the day of your grandson Paul's wedding  .  Friday night we sat at the restaurant at the rehearsal dinner and we talked about how it would have been  your 55th wedding anniversary.
I woke up yesterday morning....and immediately thought how I wished you were here.  Remember Mom, when I used to take you for your radiation treatments and I would bring Paul along.  He was less than a year old but he made everyone around him his friend, the doctors, the nurses , the waitresses when we stopped for lunch.  He was a people person then and he still is. It was evident yesterday by the amount of people who came to celebrate his joyous day.
Paul stopped by yesterday morning to tell me that he had gone to the cemetery. He wanted to know that he was thinking of you on his special day!!  He told me that he knows you would have been proud of what he has accomplished. He wanted you to know how much he loved his soon to be wife..  To tell  you the truth , it was me who was so proud of him.
The wedding was beautiful. Tim and David were the best men, Sierra was the flower girl. Beth my sister and Deb sat next to us at the church.  Dave  my brother played his guitar and sang a beautiful song. The wedding party started coming in.  Sara , Tim's girlfriend led the way.  Your granddaughter Jamie and our god son Jeremy were also in the party. Jenn was stunningly beautiful as she walked down the aisle. And at the altar waited Paul.  I watched his face...saw him smile when he saw how beautiful she was.  He looked so  happy.
  And he walked back down the aisle,when the ceremony was over, he stopped to give me a hug .  It was an incredible moment and so greatly appreciated by me!I can't begin to tell you how  much fun the reception was.  All Paul and Jenn's friends, and family dancing the night away. Dad, your brother Perry was there  dancing away even though he just turned 85 a few days before! Many people mentioned how much you both would have enjoyed it.  We remember how much you liked to dance!!  And the food...OH MY!!  Simply delicious!!!!!!!!
Mom and Dad...I so wish you were there to see it all.  I have to believe you did...somehow you witnessed the absolute joy of the day,...  somehow you saw what wonderful men my boys have grown up to be......  somehow you saw the granddaughter you never met, who got to ride in a limo and had the time of her life.  Somehow you  could feel the love that Paul and Jenn have for each other......and somehow you knew how very much I missed you and wished you were there!! It was a day I will never forget and I so wished I could have shared it with you!
Love you always,

Paul and Jenn

Sierra with Mohonk in the background

Sara and Jamie

Love this picture! 

My three special sons!

On the way to our room at the end of the night!!!


  1. Kathie I am so happy for you and your family. It sounds like it was a wonderful time. Everyone looks beautiful and so happy!

  2. Looks like a beautiful celebration! Yet hard to celebrate without those who we love so much and miss...

  3. Wow, Kathie YOU look beautiful! And of course your son and his bride do too!

    I am sorry your Mom and Dad were not there. Must have been bittersweet.

    Looks like a beautiful day!!!

  4. Oh Kathie, what a wonderful wedding! You do look beautiful.

    Congratulations on gaining another precious daughter! Love the photo of Sierra in the field.

    My mother died several years ago and I know when my children get married I'll be feeling the very same things you were feeling at Paul's wedding. Your mom and dad have not been forgotten. Their legacy will live on in your children and some day your grandchildren.

    Hope all is well with you and your sweet family!

    Much Love,