Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Passing things on!

I have always loved talking about my childhood to my kids. I don't mean the "when I was a little girl I walked 5 miles to school so don't complain lecture ( and no.... I didn't) but really telling them about the wonderful memories I have stored in me. Not too long ago, Sierra and I got talking about climbing trees. I told her that we lived in a developement ( until I was 12) and didn't have alot of trees. But I did have a favorite oak tree in our front yard that was perfect for climbing. I told her how I used to grab a book ( I was and still am a huge bookworm) and go outside into the front yard, climb the tree and read my book. Sierra said she thought that was neat. A few weeks later Sierra went into her room and came down with some books. She told me she was going outside to read. A few minutes passed by and I decided to see where she was. Imagine the joy in my  heart when I discovered this!!!

And I looked at her and immediately thought of my Dad...You see... it was my Dad who used to tell me how HE used to sit in a tree and read.  And  that is  how your family lives on in your children long after they are gone.  So Dad, I miss you every day and.... I look at my beautiful little girl, who you never met....who was not born from me, but yet......I so see you in her!!!


  1. Awesome!! But you have got to quit making me tear up.

  2. What a wonderful way to spend some time reading reading a book on a beautiful day! Nice!

  3. now.that.made.me.cry


    I had a tree house when I was little and LOVED it - used to take all kinds of things up there. Sure wish my girls could have one but our trees are straight up & no branches until wayyyy up there.

  4. That was wonderful Kathie! There was a Cherry tree by the house I grew up in and after school and in the summers my friends and I used to climb it and sit there for hours - sometimes eating the Cherries. I wasn't a big reader until after I graduated High School (my mother doesn't understand that one), but just the time spent up there was amazing.


  5. What a beautiful post! I love how it gives her a connection to her roots!!! And her smile must light up your home!!! Big hugs Kathie!

  6. This is such a beautiful story. It is amazing how we can see ourselves in our children. My situation is much like yours. My 2 girls both adopted from China and my dad is gone. He passed just before we adopted our first daughter but I see him in both girls now, It always makes me smile and remember him.
    Susan Rizzo
    PS I am friends with Stephe and Donna. Our girls are from the same place.