Thursday, July 28, 2011

New Bed!!

When Sierra came home at age 3 she continued sleeping in a crib,. She was tiny and felt the most secure there. When she turned 4 moved her to a toddler bed. Recently I ordered her first big girl bed. It is a day bed with a pull out trundle for future friend sleepovers. We finally got it up and Sierra and I went shopping for a new comforter and sheets. It is so cozy and colorful and the perfect place to curl up with a book. Even though Sierra does not like change she told me she loves her new bed!!!


  1. Love the new bed! Claire has a bed with a trundle too. The trundle could be used for future children ;) I'm just sayin..


  2. I love the new bed and comforter. My girls love bright girlie colors... they'd love your choice too!
    How quickly our little ones are growing up!