Thursday, November 4, 2010

Leaf Waxing

I was reading through some of my favorite blogs and came across this neat idea.   So today I stopped at the hardware store and bought some wax. When we got home Sierra and I went leaf picking. We chose our favorites and brought them home. we melted the wax dipped the leaves in and laid them on wax paper to dry. I tied them on thread and hung them from 2 windows!! I can't wait to do this agian next year when the colors are at their peak. It was great fun and Sierra loved dipping the leaves! Special thanks to David who ran and got me more wax paper !!!

Still some beautiful color!

Taking a walk to look for leaves
Finding and choosing
Melting the wax
Carefully dipping

Leaves waiting to be dipped
 Hanging in the window for all to see!
This was a great activity...can't wait to do it again earlier next year!!


  1. I agree, super fun project we will be doing again next year! Sierra is so precious, looks like she had a great time.

  2. We read the same blog! LOL I did the same thing with my girls yesterday. Such fun. :^)