Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Little Bit of Catching Up.....Again!!

First day of preschool   Daddy met us there and helped walk Sierra in!!!
Soccer game!!  Pictures with friends!
5 day camping trip with Scottm Sierra and I.  Fun fishing,kayaking, campfires and relaxing!!
Sierra caught this but it was too big and heavy for her to hold!!
The evening sky reflected in the water!!
Simply beauty by the hand of God!!


  1. Loved your 'catching up' post. Looks like a beautiful place to visit!!!

    LOVE the picture taken from behind, while they are in their chairs fishing. Priceless!!!!

    Your baby girl is growing up!!

  2. Your little girl is so beautiful! And your pics are breath taking.

  3. What a beautiful place!!! Love the scenic shots! Way to go Sierra on catching that fish.
    Hope Sierra is having fun learning at school...love her long hair and her smile is so cute!

  4. She looks SO GROWN UP in her school pictures. :) and :(

    I want to go camping with you!!! Your part of the state must be so beautiful!!! We didnt' catch any fish in FL but the kids had fun trying anyway.

    Can you believe it has been 2 years for us to be waiting to bring home our babies (in your case) and just getting home (in mine)? Time really flies!

    Hugs to you Kathie! (P.S. I've been a bad blog friend. I never get to read anymore. I'm trying to find my new groove but I haven't found it yet.)

  5. oh, it is lovely to see Sierra growing up so beautifully, not just physically beautiful, but also spiritually beautiful~

    God bless you and your loved ones =)


  6. She's off to pre-K! And I love the size of that backpack! Looks like it was so beautiful out at the lake.