Friday, July 23, 2010

Some of you may remember that back in November I posted about our dear little friend Grace who died after contracting bacterial meningitis. She was adopted from China and the main inspiration for us adopting Sierra. Our hearts still have trouble coming to terms with the loss of her although we know she is in heaven and as Sierra says" Is probably jumping on the clouds!" At some point her parents made the unselfish decision to donate Grace's organs. Recently they have received letters from some of the recipients. I do not wish to share too much but I did want to take this opportunity to remind people how very important organ donation is. I would hope in such a time of grief and despair that I too could remember to pass the gift of life to someone else. The 2 people who received the donations were in a terminal state and Grace and her family literally saved their lives. So in memory of Grace, please fill out your donor card and make your wishes known to loved ones!


  1. Such a small and simple thing to do that will have such a HUGE impact on so many.
    Thank you for posting about this.

  2. How wonderful! Hopefully that will help the family through, knowing something good came out of something so very sad.

  3. I just renewed my drivers License and agreed to be an organ donor. i am so glad I did and hope that god forbid something were to happen to me that someone else could be helped by doing something so simple. God Bless your friend..