Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Side Tracked

Although I am trying so hard to increase my amount of thing that Sierra does drives me crazy. She is so easily distracted when trying to complete a task. Now...I get it..Its still a whole new world to her..she notices everything But she can not stay focused on her task if something catches her eye.I send her in to put on her shoes and I go in and she is reading a book..or putting together a puzzle etc.
While on vacation I had the perfect opportunity to snap a picture which totally shows what I am talking about. We were sitting outside the camper and Sierra was playing. Pretty soon she started showing signs of the "potty dance" We told her to go inside and use the potty. She went inside and about a minute and a half later she came back to the door.....

Like this ....

and said....
" Look Mommy..I found 2 pillows that are the same. They match!!"
Nope...she had not gone to the bathroom yet...and Yup this picture pretty much sums it up!!!!


  1. That picture really does tell it all! That is just precious!


  2. Oh, thank you so much for the laugh!! I love it! My Sydney is always too busy to go potty until she is dancing a jig and STILL denying she has to go!

  3. Oh man, that is PRICELESS!!! How cute & funny is that?!!!

  4. Oh my! I'm laughing out loud over this pic. My 5 year old son is the same way. She's too precious.

    Kathie (the other one)