Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The last game!!

It was more than just David's last baseball game of his high school careeer.  It was his last game of any kind wearing his high school colors.  For me it was also the end of an era that began when his oldest brother started playing Little League almost 19 years ago.  19 years filled with many baseball, soccer, and  football games,  track meets, ski club trips and many other sporting events.  And then when they reached 7th grade they could play wearing the same blue and white colors that I did over 30 years ago.  ( Yes, my kids attend the same high school that I did!!).  I wanted my kids to play sports for many reasons.  It teaches you discipline, it teaches you to try your very best, it can teach you good sportsmanship, being a team player, how to lose gracefully, how to WIN gracefully and it helps keep you healthy.  My boys learned alot of these lessons.  We didn't go crazy...we didn't do any expensive travel teams.  We didn't spend weekends away from home, mostly it was school sports.  My boys learned alot of the lessons I wanted them to and some I didn't.  The coaches weren't always the role models I hoped them to be and neither were some of the parents.  But that was a lesson in itself.  And then there was the painful football season that wasn't this year.  Our school cancelled the season when not enough kids showed up!!  (But I am happy to report that our school made a bold decision this week...they told the old coach, the coach who had won them a state tournament who was also the same coach that no one wanted to play under, that his services were no longer needed and they hired a new coach!!!)  I loved watching the boys play and a few times the two older ones played together.  But now David has played his last high school game.  And as it will be awhile before Sierra will get to HS we will have a period of time that will be gameless.  And I am one Mom who will miss it!!!!

David up at bat
Playing shortstop
His biggest fan
After the game( which they won ) Sierra is trying to find David in the crowd of players.  She can't find him.  ( He is the one who took off his jersey and has the gray and blue shirt on)
I wanted to get this picture all year.  David is 10 his brother Paul  ( the asst. Coach) is 11 and the Coach is 12!!
Very last baseball shot of the year!! And look who had to be in it!!!



  1. This is really a wonderful thing that we adopt a baby the most important thing is that we have to love that kinds more and more because they never feel that they are in another family. She is so cute in her beautiful dress.

  2. I am a sport event going mom too and I love those times. It's hard to watch them move on and yet wonderful to see them move on!