Thursday, November 28, 2013

Giving Thanks!

Hi All,
It's been such a long time since I have posted...I miss writing long posts...but fb makes it too easy to stay in touch.  But today I have so much to heart is sooo full with all that has blessed my life.
Today ...and every day ...I am thankful :

For God my Father, thanks goes to Him for all that is good! He has abundantly blessed me and my family this year and always.

For my husband....who is the best partner I could ever imagine.  His desire to make me happy even in the smallest of ways, is so apparent to me.  His love for his family and their well being is always his top priority.

For my children.... Who have given me an abundance of joy...
My Paul and Jenn, and Tim and Sara, and David.  ....They love their family and give back to their community.  They appreciate the gift of life and adore their sister.  And soon.... very soon... one will become a Dad!!
My daughter Sierra...who fills my days with wonder, questions, beautiful artwork, and laughter!

For my siblings......don't ever underestimate the importance of brothers and sisters in your life.  Whether you are 10 or 54....they will be the ones who always have your backs!  ( love you Dave (and Alison) and Beth!)

For extended family....we are so blessed to have the most amazing extended family Scott's family...their goes on and the fact that so many are near by...hate the fact that so many are far away!

For my friends....old friends friends.... friends who have moved away.....old, newly found friends...long distance friends. friends I work with...friends around the corner!.I am thankful for you all..

For our I get older I so do not take good good health for granted...I have seen way too much.  I am grateful for each and every healthy  day I have!  My prayers go out to all my friends and family who are struggling with health are in my thoughts!

For my grandbabies...yes  TWO (twin girls) ...  who will be arriving in February via my son Paul and his wife Jenn!!  I can not even express the joy that I feel...longing to hold them in my arms and smell their sweet baby smell!!

For my job...I am loving my work this year as I work with a wonderful teacher and 17 precious kindergartners.  I love the younger kids...they are so REAL!  The days are flying by...a sure sign that I am happy at work!!

And for all the rest...the roof over my head, the food on our table, the doctors who heal us, the servicemen who defend us, the beauty of every single day, the ability to face adversity with Faith and Grace, and the chance to continue to grow,to continue to  learn and to change!!

And I wish for all of you...the and always!  Happy Thanksgiving and God Bless You all!!

 Peaches that grew on our peach tree this year...such an example of God's beauty!

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  1. I was unable to access your blog yesterday, but finally spent awhile working on the Linky dashboard and I was able to fix it. Thank you Lord. Your thankfulness is beautiful - and your peach tree? Amazing!! Thank you for welcoming us into your home.