Saturday, October 6, 2012

Gifts from God

A few weeks ago Sierra's older brothers came across tow monarch caterpillars while at work. They brought them to her and we have watched them incredibly go through their change.  This was the end result!

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  1. Hi Kathie, Thank you so much for all of your encouragement! We are hopeful for Wednesday but cautiously so. Sallie has a bit of a cold, so not sure? I have come to a peace in knowing God is in control and if it happens, it is supposed to ... and if not, another time.

    I just love the pics of Sierra and the monarchs! Wow! You need to frame those! What a precious story and the best kind of learning there is! We have tried to get some butterflies but twice they died while in the mail to us (too hot). :( Wish we could find some like that! We will try again in the Spring when it isn't so hot. I did this with the boys a few years ago, but S doesn't remember it. She would love it now.

    Hope you are all doing well!