Thursday, February 2, 2012

Some more catching up!!!

Right after New Years Day begins a very joyous time for our family.  On January 8th 2009 my husband, my 17 year old son (at the time), and I, embarked on our journey to China. Every year we remember the trip of our lifetimes, the one that led us to our daughter.  On Jan. 12th the 4 of us celebrate that wonderful day when we first met.  This year we went to Engs ( a local Chinese Restaurant).  Shortly after is Sierra's birthday which happens to be the day we left China and arrived home.  It is the day the rest of the family welcomed home Sierra.  This year as an added bonus Sierra's birthday was also Chinese New Year!!!  Since we have a celebration every year for Chinese New Year...we combined the party and had a CNY and Sierra's 6th ( still can't believe she is 6!!!) birthday.  It was fabulous and everyone had a great time.  Oh and it was football play off time and two of my sons had their teams playing. Here are some pi ctures of our celebraion!!!

                                       Sierra playing the harmonica that my brother gave her!
A very special  panda umbrella!

Love it...all of us together!

                        Sierra getting ready to lead all the kindergartners in the school CNY parade!!

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