Monday, December 13, 2010


We returned from Disney late Friday night ( really early Saturday morning ). I have wanted to post more but I am just so overwhelmed with all we experienced/ It was my second trip to Disney and Sierra and Scott's first. It is an amazing place and one leaves there with a profound respect for all those involved behind the scenes. Magic, dreams, wonder, laughter,joy, beauty, fun,colorful.are all words that come to mind when trying to describe the feeling of Disney. And to watch your child as she sees for the first time the castle or shakes hands with Mickey or kisses the cheek of one of her favorite princesses,its as the saying goes "priceless" Disney does it right. They make you and your children feel special. They work hard to make their park the best, and it shows. The hardest part is deciding what to do on any given day. There is sooo much to choose from.

Tonight I will share with you some pics of our dinner with the princesses. Scott's brother and his wife had arranged for the 3 of us to have dinner with the princesses at a restaurant in "Norway". Sierra was dressed in her favorite princess dress and tiara and her seh excitedly asked me to put her hair in a bun. She wasn't thrilled about the leggings or the sneakers but I am somewhat practical too. There is nowhere to go in Disney without having to walk and it was COLD that day. From the moment we entered the restaurant to the moment we left..our girl was in awe!! What a memory for her to treasure forever. And the last princess to make an apeearance???? Her favorite...Ariel!!

            I love how she has an itch and is scratching just as I take the picture! I have another too!

                                                               Daddy and Cinderella!
                                                                Dadddy's favorite princess
         Sierra made the waitresses day when she aked if she could have a picture of her too.  She was a   student from Norway!
A night filled with joy and wonder...more magic to follow soon!


  1. ahhh, wonderful memories for Sierra! and of course you guys too!

  2. GREAT pictures... She is such a beautiful princess!

  3. Looks like you had a wonderful time! Sierra makes a great princess!